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By submission of this application the student, herein referred to as the applicant, and University of Dublin, Educational agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Independent Study.
    Applicant agrees and understands that although University of Dublin, Educational will make every effort to facilitate an educational environment, the method of learning is independent study and it is the applicant's responsibility to perform research and seek communication with their instructor to facilitate learning. Further, it is the applicant's responsibility to complete course work in a timely and appropriate manner.
  2. Submission of Information.
    Applicant agrees to submit to University of Dublin, Educational within sixty (60) days of enrollment any records or instruments required by University of Dublin, Educational to certify former education, experiential learning or other means by which University of Dublin, Educational may assess and award credit to the applicant or be required to maintain as part of the applicants record. The applicant further agrees to notify University of Dublin, Educational within ten (10) days of any change of the following: address, telephone number, e-mail address, or name change during the course of enrollment.
  3. You are requesting that University of Dublin, Educational and any of its adjunct professors review your resume, transcripts, and any other information you send us in order to assess whether or not you qualify for the certification for which you have applied. This evaluation will be based on how well your stated experience and commensurate knowledge matches with the knowledge and experience required for your desired degree. One or more members of our assessment team who are experts in your chosen field of study will make this decision.
  4. Transferable/Experiential Award of credits.
    If applying for experiential learning credits (Skills Classification) or previous/current academic credits earned from another institution of higher learning, applicant agrees to furnish all required information and documentation as may be required by University of Dublin, Educational to evidence the award of previous credits earned at other institutions of higher learning within sixty (60) days from the date of enrollment or prior to graduation which ever comes first. Failure to provide the evidence as indicated herein may result in the applicant forfeiting any award of the aforementioned credits by the Institution. University of Dublin, Educational retains sole authority and discretion with regard to acceptance or rejection of any requested transferable credits from other institutions of higher learning and/or experiential learning credits.
  5. Neither your transcript nor your diploma will contain any indication that your certification was received from a prior learning or Skills Classification program. Your transcript will contain a list of courses for which our assessment team has deemed you have met the equivalency requirements. The methods used to make this determination are proprietary to GA and are never disclosed.
  6. Equipment and Utilities.
    Applicant agrees to provide his/her own computer, system equipment and internet access provider. University of Dublin, Educational is not responsible for any long distance, '800', telephone connection tariffs or on-line telephone charges made on behalf of the applicant.
  7. Limited Liability.
    University of Dublin, Educational shall not be held liable for any delay in performance directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from acts of God, local phone companies and other third party telecommunications providers, fire, flood, accident, riot, terrorism, war, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labor difficulties, equipment failure, late delivery by suppliers, independent contractor used for instructional purposes or other such occurrences beyond the control and without fault or negligence of the Institution.
  8. By completing this application, you are asking University of Dublin, Educational to reply to your application with a decision using the e-mail address you have provided. University of Dublin, Educational will never give, sell or rent your e-mail address or other personal information to any third parties. However, University of Dublin, Educational may, at its discretion, use your e-mail address to send you information about updates to its program and/or other periodic specials, discounts, incentives or any other communication it deems necessary. To be taken off our mailing list, simply respond to any of these solicitations with a blank e-mail that has the word "remove" in the subject line.
  9. Moral Behavior.
    The applicant agrees to not interpolate or otherwise plagiarize any course work or other curriculum issued to or completed by the applicant. The applicant will maintain the highest degree of ethical and moral behavior while enrolled in the Institution.
  10. University of Dublin, Educational warrants only to provide online instruction via the internet to the applicant in accordance with the outlined curriculum used by the instructor/professor who maintains the status of independent contractor and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement. Applicant further understands that the purchase and cost of text books and materials required for completion of the course or program is the responsibility of the applicant.
  11. Limitation of Liability.
    Applicant specifically agrees that in no event, shall any liability to University of Dublin, Educational as a result of this agreement exceed the applicant's tuition fee schedule which has been paid up to the time during which any claim deriving liability arose.
  12. Educational Value.
    University of Dublin, Educational agrees to confer and issue to the applicant the appropriate Degree/Diploma or Certificate of Completion and appropriate transcripts, if applicable, upon satisfactory completion of all course work, testing, and tuition payment in full.
  13. Curriculum/Syllabus.
    University of Dublin, Educational and/or the instructors’ reserves all right to any materials listed by University of Dublin, Educational and shown to the applicant. The applicant agrees not to disclose any confidential information issued to the applicant, e.g. password, user name, or other such information which maybe exchanged with the applicant. The applicant further agrees not to allow others to copy or otherwise utilize any resources or materials offered to the applicant by the Institution. It is understood that certain course materials maybe modified or otherwise changed from time to time at the discretion of instructor to enhance or otherwise improve the program of learning.
  14. Confidentiality.
    University of Dublin, Educational will maintain confidentiality in accordance with applicable regulations. All requests for information by or on behalf of the applicant must be requested in writing and signed by the applicant specifically outlining what information the applicant is requesting released. Only that information which is specifically stated in the request by the applicant will be released. The applicant understands that certain state and federal agencies and departments may have access to the applicants information or as directed by a court of jurisdictional authority.
    Applicant agrees to allow University of Dublin, Educational to contact current or previous employers, educational institutions or others in the event that a question may arise about the applicant making false or misleading statements, or as may be deemed necessary to ensure that true and correct information was provided to University of Dublin, Educational.
  15. Compliance and Indemnification.
    Applicant agrees to use the service of University of Dublin, Educational within all laws and to upload and/or download files, if at all, only with the consent of the copyright or patent owner. Applicant specifically agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless University of Dublin, Educational, its officers and employees from any claim, loss or damage, including costs and reasonable attorney fees, arising out of any act or omission of applicant under this agreement.
  16. Purchase Statement.
    Applicant understand that University of Dublin, Educational is not accredited by any regional accrediting agencies.
    The applicant understands that instructors/professors are independent contractors and as such maintain exclusive right and privilege to syllabus, curriculum, and other materials used in the instruction of courses. The applicant further agrees to indemnify or otherwise hold harmless University of Dublin, Educational for any lack of performance or improprieties on behalf of the contractor other than as listed herein.
  17. Waiver.
    No waiver by either party of any breach by the other party of any provision of this agreement shall be deemed or construed to be a waiver of any succeeding breach of such provision or as a waiver of the provision itself.
  18. Notification.
    The applicant agrees to notification by e-mail, fax, phone, or other electronic methods, or mail delivery used by University of Dublin, Educational for test and examination results or other communication between parties.
  19. Titles/Captions/Headings.
    Titles, captions, or headings to any provision of this contract are descriptive only and of no legal effect. This agreement has the full force and effect as if no titles existed.
  20. Entire Agreement.
    Both parties herein agree that the terms and conditions listed herein constitutes the entire agreement between both parties and that no other verbal or implied conditions or expressed warranties were offered other than those which are listed herein. This agreement supersedes and replaces any prior or contemporaneous agreements, written or oral, relating to this agreement. This agreement may be amended by University of Dublin, Educational by furnishing the applicant a thirty (30) day written notification.
Refund Policy, all fees once paid are non-refundable in any case. The time shall commence on the date in which the student make first tuition payment. Tuitions are subject to change without notice.

By applying to University of Dublin, Educational, I hereby attest to the following:

  • That all the information contained herein is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that should information contained herein be found to be false or misleading, it is understood that it will be grounds for dismissal from enrollment at University of Dublin, Educational and that any credits earned while at GA may be forfeited.
  • That I am eighteen years of age or older.
  • I have read and understand all of the above listed terms and conditions and that by submission of this document I agree to all of the above listed terms and conditions.

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