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  • University of Dublin, Educational operates by Distant Education systems (Self-Learning) under the management of Through Institution Training & Consulting financially, administratively and academically along with an administrative and academic staff elected by him.
  • University of Dublin, Educational is supported and subject to oversight by the management of Through Institution Training & Consulting office in Jordan (Regional Financial & Oversight Management).
  • University of Dublin, Educational is considered a virtual entity, such as the Virtual University in Syria, the Canadian Virtual University and many others.
  • Soon: License to establish an Academy Branch in the United Kingdom.
  • Soon: License to establish an Academy Branch in the United Arab Emirates.
  • University of Dublin, Educational has international contractors for process archiving, printing and issue of certificate forms as per an agreed cooperation protocol.
  • Photos of the Academy's location on this site are virtual photos of the planned architectural design agreed upon and is soon to be executed in an Arab country.
  • University of Dublin, Educational certificates are usually verified legally through Approval Degrees Association.

What is a Virtual University?

  1. A Virtual University does not have lecture halls, auditoriums, class rooms, labs or a campus.
  2. A Virtual University is run by a management office.
  3. The main method of academic achievement in the University is through Distant Education through all available methods, e. g. correspondence, online courses, video, self learning, e-learning and evaluation of work experience.
  4. Virtual Universities are subject to the "LEMA" agreement in Switzerland for the Freedom of Education.
  5. Virtual Universities rely on methodical research methods, publication or academic and educational consultancy for each member in the field of study.
  6. The Headquarters of a Virtual University does not necessarily exist in the same country where the license is issued.
  7. Virtual Universities utilize and are supported by IT and Logistics firms as well as Academic Consultants in their education, financial and operational facilities to better serve members.
  8. Virtual Universities are subject to verification and authentication by academic and Scientific private non-governmental organizations.
  9. Virtual Universities are represented by accredited agencies or offices in various countries, not by individuals.
  10. Virtual Universities are owned by private institutions or corporations with interest in academic investment and educational goals.

University of Dublin, Educational Policies:

Academic achievement based on life Skills Classification through internet based universities including University of Dublin, Educational as a new educational system.

Academic achievement has become a vital concern for young adults looking forward to earning to graduate degrees, there is no longer a need for expensive travel to universities or tiring search for suitable universities in a specific field, or sitting through long lectures and visiting libraries doing time consuming activities to review curriculum. As career requirements and demands increase in our modern world, many adults do not prefer to spend 4-5 years or more to earn a graduate bachelor, masters or doctorate degree.

An alternative has become available for qualified professionals, Virtual Universities such as University of Dublin, Educational offer valid certificates within academic requirements based on work or Skills Classification and research after completing the required credit hours for the desired degree.

Such establishments represent a new method of education, University of Dublin, Educational based in Roseau, The Commonwealth of Dominica represents a practical example of such establishments. Established in the beginning of 1996 with admission requirements which represent this vision of educational freedom.

Students apply to the admissions office through our online website by filling the required registration form and submitting his or her CV, the student then gains initial acceptance as a member in the University and further documents are shipped to him or her by express carriers.

Procedures for the evaluation of student's credentials and qualifications proceed after receiving his or her CV and other relevant papers, a committee of educational, economic, labor, trade, technical and law experts evaluates the student submitted information, such as academic achievement, life and work experience, hobbies and private activities, artistic, cultural and social work as well as previous job performance and evaluations or reference letters by previous employers of the student's behavior, production and other skills. The committee studies each file on a case by case basis.

Final evaluation is conducted based on information supplied in the CV. An administrative consultant verifies the validity of information given in a student's CV, as well as confirming previous employment details and contacting all reference involved in the CV or other documents. If any miss representation of data or false information is discovered then the student falls under legal responsibility and may be legally pursued as well as losing any right to refunds and the irrevocable cancellation of his contract with the University immediately.

University of Dublin, Educational manager describes the University as not being a charity or public establishment, but rather an establishment which coordinates between education and business, by connecting between qualified workforces and Chambers of Commerce, Industry, service providers and business owners. In Addition, University of Dublin, Educational also works with specialized academic organizations and cooperates with well known colleges, universities and educational institutes. Based on students academic abilities and Skills Classification and personal achievements the committee decides on the suitable degree which they are entitled to earn (Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate), the degree certificate awarded is legal, verified and accepted by various business entities. Awarded certificates are not academic but rather work and Skills Classification certificates.

For student seeking career advancement or higher pay, a college certificate adds considerable psychological confidence with business owners, specially considering the certificate is verified by Chambers of Commerce & Industry, major corporations and specialized academic organizations.

Many within the staff of University of Dublin, Educational ensure that it represents a unique experiment in the modern educational system. specifically for relying on a student's qualifications and experience as requirements to award a certificate, University of Dublin, Educational highly appreciates its direct connection with Chambers of Commerce & Industry as well as academic organizations as a step towards the spread of this new education model.

The final decision remains in the hands of the job market and business owners who solely hold the decision of accepting life and Skills Classification based awarded degrees. Business owners and in constant contact with the management of University of Dublin, Educational, and are part of its evaluation committees in order to remain involved in the process and aware of the authenticity of the University's degrees.

Such direct observation and supervision gives credibility to the University in the eyes prospecting students looking for a better job opportunity, or those wishing to earn a graduate degree which would allow them to hold senior positions in private establishments and companies.

Finally, it is worth noting that up to fifth of all students at University of Dublin, Educational come from training departments of traditional universities. Admissions requests have been increasing rapidly, University of Dublin, Educational has received more than 270 requests from all over the world within the first two months of this year, which only indicates the success of this new educational experiment, and the success of distant education and self learning based universities.


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