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About Skills Classification

Skills Classification

It's possible to earn a legal certification for what you already know. So, if you possess the required educational background, have attended any training /workshops, or even have taken part in volunteer activities, then you are at the right place. Here at University of Dublin, Educational, you can get a 100% authentic Skills Classification certification without classes, exams or high fees!

A Skills Classification certification suits individuals who possess basic to expert level exposure and experience in a specific field, but lack educational documents to prove themselves. Without certification these individuals are held back, struggling for jobs and promotions. Through Skills Classification certification these individuals can now get recognition for their skills and talents.

Recieving Certification For Skills Classification

University of Dublin, Educational believes that you may have already acquired substantial and important skills and/or education relevant to your chosen certification path during your life, or outside the environment of academic study. We will evaluate these assets and assign appropriate credits towards your online degree if you have pertinent experience relative to the subjects or electives, required in your degree program.

Because you may not recognize these assets, the following are some suggestions that may help to bring them to mind:

Skills Classification

Many skills you may use at work are also taught in professional certification & training instituions. These skills may include typing or filing; use of computer programs for word processing or desktop publishing, accounting, inventory or production control; financial management, human resources management, negotiation, communication, retailing, real estate sales or appraisal and scores of others.

Home Management

Consider home maintenance, household planning and budgeting, marriage communications, parenting, time management, organization, counseling and psychology, education, meal planning and nutrition, gourmet cooking and many more.

Non-credited Learning in Formal Settings

Remember company provided training courses, seminars, in-service training, workshops and clinics, conferences and conventions, lectures, courses presented by television or internet, non-credit correspondence courses, etc.

Discourse with Experts

Education also includes extended contact and discourse with recognized experts, whether in mechanics, carpentry, medicine, history, bible, theology, religion, education, sports or any other field. Significant experience working with or intensive meetings with experts in any field may be worth academic credit.

Independent Reading, TV Viewing, Video and Audio Tapes

There may be a field, or fields in which you have done substantial reading or study outside of an academic environment. For example, you may have a passion for reading history or biography. Record such reading and remember that you can receive credits for having viewed important, educational, series on public television. Video tapes and audio tapes are another source of learning experience.


Credits can be applied for study tours, significant business or vacation trips, extended stays in other countries or cultures, or participation in activities related to other countries, cultures or subcultures.

Volunteer Work

Record your participation in community activities, political campaigns, church activities, service organizations, volunteer work in social service agencies or hospitals and other volunteer work.

Recreation and Hobbies

Musical skills and experience, flight training, work in the community, theater, sports, arts and crafts, fiction or nonfiction writing, public speaking, gardening, cultural activities or other significant leisure-time activities are also valuable sources of credit experience.

Other Potentially Qualifying Skills Classifications Include:

  • Previous University Courses
  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program) results
  • DANTES (Non-Traditional Educational Support) results
  • Non-credit courses Professional accomplishments
  • Employer-sponsored training Certificates of Achievement
  • Military Training
  • Life Accomplishments
  • Professional Skills Classification
  • Community Service
  • Professional Development Workshops


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