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What is Certification Verification Service?

In the many countries, 40% of all employers require job applicants to verify their educational documents with a letter from the registrar’s office of the institution that issued them. Job applicants, when asked to submit such verifications, ask their institution to send those educational documents to their prospective employers either through postal mail, FAX, or e-mail.

Professional Certification Verification Service

The Certificate package you receive from the University of Dublin, Educational includes four copies of an education verification letter. The education verification letter contains the particulars of the Certificate holder concerning his/her enrolled program, GPA, the year in which the certificate was earned, etc.

You can submit this education verification letter whenever requested. Employers, educational institutions, etc. If you require additional copies of this letter, you may place an order by contacting us. If your employer requires the letter be sent directly to him, we can do so upon a request from you. The documents will be sent from University of Dublin, Educational Registrar Office.

Employers / Institutes / Individuals Seeking Verification

All employers / institutes / individuals seeking verification of our graduates, please contact us for details.


How It Works?

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